Leaving Haven
by Kathleen McCleary

Georgia Bing and Alice Kinnaird have always been there for each other. After Georgia suffers several miscarriages, Alice is eager to help her best friend have another baby, and Alice donates some of her eggs. Georgia is thrilled when she learns she’s going to have the baby boy she’s always wanted—until a devastating discovery destroys her dreams.While Alice is happy about her friend’s pregnancy, she also feels a twinge of disappointment, a sense that her own life is missing something she desperately craves. On the surface, she has everything—a busy social life, a great job, a faithful husband, and an amazing teenage daughter. But her well-ordered world is knocked off its axis when she’s tempted by a passion that threatens the bonds of friendship, marriage, and motherhood that sustain her.As the safety of their past is shattered, Georgia and Alice must each embark on a journey of self-discovery—an odyssey filled with surprising challenges that will test them and force them to confront the truth of their lives . . . and the choices they’ve made.
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“McCleary (A Simple Thing, 2012) again skillfully examines the intricacies of love, marriage, friendship, and parenthood….Leaving Haven is a deeply engaging story of two families navigating tricky emotional waters and making surprising discoveries along the way, a gentle reminder of the strength and flexibility of the family.”
—Carol Gladstein, Booklist

“A unique twist on infidelity plots, Leaving Haven is a compelling look at just how complicated friendships, marriage and family can be, and how happiness and contentment sometimes require sacrifice and work…. There are no easy or cliched answers here; the novel is realistically unresolved in several key aspects, which actually makes for a more satisfying read. Readers can trust that they will find a well-told and fascinating story in Leaving Haven.”
—Sarah Rachel Egelman, Bookreporter.com

“What would make a mother walk away from a hospital without the child she fought so hard to carry? This suspenseful family drama circles eloquently around truth, loyalty, and commitment— a complex examination of temptation and choices, and of facing the repercussions of our actions.”
Nichole Bernier, author of The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D.

“In Leaving Haven McCleary deftly explores themes of love, marriage, family and its rupture in moments that are so well told they feel like you are living them. I couldn’t put it down.”
Catherine McKenzie, international bestselling author of Arranged and Forgotten

Leaving Haven is a beautifully crafted portrayal of men and women who make shocking choices and appear doomed to remain in awful places. I raced to reach the resolution of this seemingly irresolvable story, caring very much about the fate of all the players. This tangled web of deception in marriage and friendship will haunt readers.”
Randy Susan Meyers, author of international bestsellers The Comfort of Lies and The Murderer’s Daughters

Leaving Haven is a powerful story of love, loss, deception, desire, and, most of all, family and friendship.  McCleary’s characters are so honestly rendered that even when they’re at their worst, you understand and care about them.  And the ending is perfectly satisfying and true..”
Judy Merrill Larsen, author of All the Numbers

“My final word: This story was fresh and original. Like a bread crumb trail, it shares little tidbits, allowing the story to build incrementally. Absorbing and emotional, I loved this one! It was able to reach deep within me on occasion and touch someplace precious, but perhaps more importantly, it was able to surprise me. This is one of those books bound to be a favorite of 2013!”—Cererbral Girl